4-Lane Sampling Scope
4-Lane 53 GBaud PPG

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The ML4035-TDR is a state of the art Digital Sampling Oscilloscope with CDR, Time Domain Reflectometer, and Time Domain Transmission. The DSO automatically performs accurate eye diagram analysis at 35 GHz to characterize the quality of transmitters and receivers, implementing a statistical under-sampling technique with comprehensive software libraries used for eye measurements, jitter analysis and processing of NRZ/PAM4 data. The truedifferential TDR/TDT is used to determine the performance of different features in many applications including Time Domain Reflectometry /Transmission, impedance testing, propagation and time delay while testing up to 4X35 GHz true-differential channels. It is designed for characterization as well as manufacturing.
Hersteller MultiLane
Auflösung 12 bit
Bandbreite 35 GHz
Gewährleistung 1 Year
Kanäle 4 CH differential TDR/TDT
Datenblatt Hier klicken