ML4039D 4x Gen 2, 28 Gbaud PAM4/NRZ BERT

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The ML4039D is a fully featured 200G BERT that can be configured as a 4-channel PAM4 28 GBaud or 4-channel NRZ 28 Gbps lanes. The receivers support FEC decoding (KS4, KR4 and KP4) and will return the post-FEC BER per channel as well as MSB and LSB BERs within the stream. The receivers also show the eye´s Histogram and the channel´s SNR over time. The transmitters Support all standard test patterns mandated by IEEE and OIF such as PRBS13Q, SSPRQ and PRBS31Q. The user may also program the TX to output a user-defined pattern up to 32 kb long. The transmit power is adequate for testing up to 10 Km SMF links.


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